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Many Veterans do not get what they expect from the VA, no matter how confident they are of their expected results.

It’s like a court case.  You have to put in time and research to develop evidence to support your case.

If the last several years has taught us anything, it’s that working together with our clients achieves the expected results.

As such, we’re inviting you to take your free Medical Assessment that may be able to show you what you medically and ethically qualify for from the VA, including benefits you may not know you are eligible for.

If We Don't Fight For Veterans... Who Will?

While the amount of time and effort needed to successfully win a VA claim can be overwhelming, having the right medical evidence can make all the difference.

Most importantly, the right medical evidence is needed to prove your symptoms and diagnosis are service-connected to support your Claim for the VA to award you disability benefits.

Missing medical evidence leads to the VA wrongfully denying your disability claim, even though you may medically and ethically qualify for disability benefits.

The Right Medical Evidence Can Prevent Your VA Claim From Being Wrongfully Denied

Put The Odds In Your Favor!

It all starts with medical evidence of your diagnosed medical disability.

Missing medical evidence leads to the VA wrongfully denying your disability claim, even though you may qualify for disability benefits.

Depending on your specific case, the evidence needed may vary to connect your in-service event to your symptoms and diagnosis.

For the VA to approve your claim, you need to:




You need to identify all of the right medical evidence, per the 38CFR requirements, that will be able to support your claim.

You need to gather and develop all the supporting medical documentation and independent medical opinions the VA needs to determine eligibility for benefits per the 38CRF. 

You will need to properly organize all the written supporting medical evidence to add with your VA Claim and follow the correct submission process to give you the best chance for a fast approval. 

VA Claim Pros Provides Supporting Medical Evidence For Your Claim.​

We do not file claims or appeals. We develop medical evidence in support of your claim, as well as independent medical opinions which provide the required Nexus link when your disability is service-connected.​

It all starts with medical evidence of your diagnosed medical disability.

Depending on your specific case, the evidence needed may vary to link your in-service event to your symptoms and diagnosis.

Every Veteran seeking benefits may need at least one of the following documents when filing their claim.

Nexus Letter

Medical Assessments

Expert Medical Opinion

Lay/Buddy Statement

But many Veterans simply do not provide sufficient medical evidence and details to support their case, and force the VA to approve their claim.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Listen To What Some of Our Successful Clients Had To Say About Us…

VA Claim Pros are the best! They did what nobody else could do. Professional and Courteous. They cut through the red tape, and helped me get my VA disability. So grateful for their help!

Charles McClellan

I learned about VA Claim Pros when I was telling A friend that I was going to be reevaluated by the VA.

He shared his experience with Claim Pros and invited me to come meet a rep who was going to be in my area.

Well, the rep was able to not only walk me through how medical evidence supports my claim, but he answered all of my questions which was amazing seeing how when you go see the VA rep on most installations they tell you to go online and figure it out for yourself (true story).

From the time I started the process until I had a decision from the VA raising my rating it took 28 days, this in itself is a miracle.

I have and will recommend VA Claim Pros to others. My experience has been nothing less than Excellent.

Jack Tressler

I used VA Claim Pros to help me get my disability rating increased. They are very professional and helpful. If you need help with your claims, don’t wait another minute. Call the Pros!

Glenn Smith

Looking to have your disability rating increased? Let the VA claim Pros help you out! They are there with you every step of the way. They are very helpful, informative, and will walk you through the medical evidence process painlessly. I highly recommended VA Claim Pros.

Sarah Smith

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You’ve taken the next step in making sure you’re receiving all the VA disability benefits you medically ethically deserve.

After all, you’re the only person who can truly take responsibility for yourself!

The Medical Self-Assessment (based on C&P examination guidelines) helps our team better understand your situation and potentially uncover missing additional disability benefits you may not know about.

After you submit the Medical Self-Assessment, a Claims Strategy Advisor will contact you to verify the information before it is sent to our team where your initial strategy will be developed for you to discuss with a Claims Strategy Advisor.

Some key tips before you begin...
  1. It will take 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment, so please make sure you set this time aside.
  2. There are no right or wrong answers, so answer all the questions the best you can.
  3. Depending on your information, we may request additional information for our team to complete your initial strategy.

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