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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a deep appreciation of the service Veterans have provided and the contributions and sacrifices they have made. Members of our staff have served, and that only deepens our empathy and genuine investment in helping our clients understand what medical documentation is needed to support their VA claims.

Disclaimer: Please note this information does not serve as legal advice in any manner. Their accuracy of the content is not guaranteed. Make sure to consult with a professional for individual circumstances.

No, we are not a Veterans Service Officer. A VSO provides help with acquiring services, filing claims, and representing Veterans at VA hearings. A VSO is not a government service, but an accredited agent of the VA available free of charge to Veterans. VA Claim Pros does not fill out forms for you. We are a service that helps you optimize VA disability benefits you medically and ethically qualify for with supporting medical evidence to try and achieve the best results possible. We offer medical consulting in support of your claim. You can call us at any time with questions, and our team is on hand to help.

The C&P exam is sometimes called the Compensation & Pension examination. It’s a medical examination that determines your compensation and pension. A doctor performs the C&P exam on behalf of the VA. The C&P exam can include multiple exams, as some require a specialist or follow-up visits.

We offer a free initial strategy intro call to see if we can help you improve your rating percentage or help with your case. We only receive payment after we have helped increase your VA rating and monthly compensation.

We can work with Veterans that are in any of the 50 states.

Yes. At the same time, a Veteran can receive both VA disability and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, receiving VA disability benefits can impact your eligibility for SSI benefits. Also, your VA benefits may be lower if you are receiving Social Security disability benefits.

Generally, you can work while receiving disability benefits from the VA. However, an individual unemployability rating of 100%, for example, means you cannot work full-time. Also, to receive some benefits, you can only make a certain amount of money per year. This is generally anything above the poverty line. This will vary depending on the disability, affliction, and your claim.

No. Veteran’s disability benefits are not federal taxable income. Money for education or training, subsistence allowances, and disability compensation are all non-taxable income.

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Read this before you start the Medical Self-Assessment

You’ve taken the next step in making sure you’re receiving all the VA disability benefits you medically ethically deserve.

After all, you’re the only person who can truly take responsibility for yourself!

The Medical Self-Assessment (based on C&P examination guidelines) helps our team better understand your situation and potentially uncover missing additional disability benefits you may not know about.

After you submit the Medical Self-Assessment, a Claims Strategy Advisor will contact you to verify the information before it is sent to our team where your initial strategy will be developed for you to discuss with a Claims Strategy Advisor.

Some key tips before you begin...
  1. It will take 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment, so please make sure you set this time aside.
  2. There are no right or wrong answers, so answer all the questions the best you can.
  3. Depending on your information, we may request additional information for our team to complete your initial strategy.

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If you would like to complete your evaluation
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