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What We're About



We have a deep appreciation of the service Veterans have provided and the contributions and sacrifices they have made. Members of our staff have served, which only deepens our empathy and genuine investment in helping our clients understand what medical evidence is needed to support their VA claims.



We are here to support Veterans, providing tools and resources as well as medical strategies to coordinate all the medical evidence necessary to back up claims to improve the chances of getting a favorable decision from the VA. We empower Veterans to take the next step in improving their lives and the lives of their families.



We bring experience and expertise to the table, collaborating with you to get the best result possible. Once we take you on, we are in this together, and we will see you through to winning the benefits you medically and ethically deserve.



Located in Isabela, Puerto Rico, VA Claim Pros has become enmeshed in the community, offering employment opportunities and support for Veterans. What started as a hope to help Veterans struggling with disabilities and bureaucratic frustration grew into a business with over 100 employees, helping thousands of Veterans rebuild their lives.



Operation Surf channels the ocean's healing powers to restore hope, renew purpose, and revitalize the community. Programs like Operation Surf and OS6 use the power of the ocean and compassionate mentorship to instill hope, helping wounded military heroes overcome everyday challenges and utterly transform their outlook on life, one wave at a time.

Our Team

Kory Webster

Kory Webster grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. At 18, he went off to the University of North Carolina, where he played baseball and became the ROTC Battalion Commander.

Upon graduation, Kory received his Regular Army Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. Kory, a former Airborne Ranger, has held several key leadership positions during his service in the US Army. Kory is a combat Veteran. He was awarded several medals and distinctions during his deployments. Fulfilling his desire to improve the lives of Veterans, Kory came to VA Claim Pros, where he is currently the General Manager. Kory and his family are happy to call Puerto Rico home.

Cassandra (Cassie) D. Wells

Cassie grew up in North Central Florida. After graduating high school, she worked as a restaurant manager, then at the age of 24, she decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

Cassie is a Gulf War combat veteran who participated in Operation Enduring Freedom on two separate tours serving in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Bahrain. After serving in the Marine Corps, Cassie attended the University of Florida, where she received a BA in Sociology. Her goal was to work with at-risk youth. After graduation, she learned about a job opening that did not work with at-risk youth but worked with another group of people she could truly relate to–Veterans. Cassie has been proud to be a part of the VACP team since 2017.

Denise Perez

Denise was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She grew up in Newark, New Jersey until the age of 14 when she returned home to Puerto Rico. Denise earned a BA in Psychosocial Human Services at the Interamerican University of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

At the age of 26, Denise completed her MA in Counseling Psychology at the Interamerican University of San German, Puerto Rico. With a passion for helping others, she decided to make a career as a psychologist in her hometown of Isabela, PR. In 2018, after years of private practice, she decided to start a new chapter in her career and continue her desire to help others and make a difference by leading a VACP team focused on mental health.

Carlos A. Bonilla

Carlos Bonilla is from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, where he was raised. After graduating High School at age 17, he attended the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, where he received his BA in Nursing, which lead to him completing his Nursing Board Exams to obtain his RN license.

After gaining experience in customer service and nursing, Carlos joined the VA Claim Pros team in 2019. Although he was not able to pursue a military career, his passion for helping Veterans has always been in his blood. He focuses on improving Veterans’ lives daily as one of our Senior Team Managers.

Shairalynn Villanueva

Shairalynn Villanueva was born and raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. In September 2017, she joined the VA Claim Pros team. Right away, Shairalynn was a fit, applying her enthusiasm in speaking with Veterans about the options available to them.

In February 2018, Shairalynn combined her communication talents and passion for helping Veterans to become part of a specialized team that works with veterans to develop medical evidence to support mental health disability benefits. In June 2019, Shairalynn began her current role as Senior Team Leader in directing a skilled team that supports Veterans seeking medical consulting. Since 2017, Shairalynn has been able to build trust and educate Veterans daily.

Cristian Ibanez

Cristian Ibanez grew up in the town of Moca, Puerto Rico. He is a second-generation soldier and a veteran as well. At 20 he enlisted in the US Army NG as a Military Police Officer. On 2015, he graduated from Fort Leonard Wood Mo, where he completed BCT and AIT.

Cristian was deployed from 2017-2018 where he assisted in the overall mission as a Military Police and Armorer in JSF (Joint Security Forces) at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. Cristian has gone through the VA system and is currently service-connected for his disabilities. He started in VA Claim Pros since 2018 and his current position is Veteran Journey Alpha Team Lead. Cristian is a strong advocate for veterans. Cristian is currently studying Business management.

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