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“This is an excellent company! I found them with a google search, and thank God I did. I tried for years to get a disability claim, and they, in less than a year, helped me get VA disability for my line of duty injury. I recommend them to every Vet I meet.”

Vincent Polite


Are you leaving benefits on the table?

The Problem

  • listAsset 1 You're not properly rated
  • listAsset 1 The VA is difficult to navigate
  • listAsset 1 You're frustrated
  • listAsset 1 Lost in the paperwork
  • listAsset 1 You feel like a number
  • listAsset 1 They've out-resourced you

How We Can Help

We’re in your corner. Join the thousands of veterans who have identified and won the VA disability benefits they have medically and ethically earned.

Who We Have Helped

Gary S.

90% Before VACP
100% After VACP

Seth S.

90% Before VACP
100% After VACP

Burt Sanchez

U.S. Navy
39% Rating Increase

About Us

VA Claim Pros is a veteran-owned, evidence-based, medical disability consulting company led by a team with professional medical, disability, and veteran benefit experience. Many of us have been in service and understand the sacrifices involved, not just in duty but in coping with physical ailments that can limit mobility and job performance.

Our strength is our ability to review a Veteran’s detailed medical conditions and develop a personalized list of potential disabilities that may have been overlooked. Often Veterans have already been diagnosed with medical conditions they do not realize have possible connections to their military service.

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Happy Clients

“The staff is very nice and walked through every step of the process. They took their time and carefully went through my previous claims and found mistakes. They helped with all the paperwork I went from 70% to 100% Thank You to all the lovely people who helped me achieve my 100% rating disability.”

Michael Ramirez


“The information they prepared for me was so detailed and specific I didn’t have to go for and exam.  I went from 20-60 in less than 30 days!!!”

Toni Land-Houston


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